Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

"Never been taught any of those tip lifting techniques, and I didn’t know lifting the columella was even possible – absolute game changer, thank you"

“ I used your tip lifting technique yesterday, and it’s the best result I’ve ever had”

“I only got to do 2 models on my practical training, I left feeling so demotivated and with very little confidence. Knowing I can refer back to this video puts my mind at ease and has helped my confidence to grow”

Rhinoplasty is inherently high risk due to the proximity of surrounding vascular anatomy.

 Whilst we can’t always prevent complications from happening, we can certainly reduce the chances.

In this short 6 minute video, I will show you simple but effective techniques, that not only produce beautiful results, but ensure you are working conservatively and within safe limits.

Be safe, protect yourself, and invest in your security.

2 Models – Start to finish

Columella Support to use for patients with ptosis/hooked nose.

Ongoing support


Visual and Audio

CPD Certification Provided - 1 Hour Theory/Online

Bridge straightening with aspiration

One Time payment, Full Access

Watch as many times as you like

5* Reviews 

Tip lifting techniques

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Turn your anatomical knowledge into artistic skill. And do so safely.

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