Cheek Augmentation Masterclass

“10000% recommend this! SO educational and I now feel so confident with the techniques”

“I cannot tell you how helpful I have found this. I never fully understood how to identify the correct landmarks for product placement until I watched this. It’s so much easier to create symmetry now, which I was really struggling with before”

“I have never been shown how to cannula from underneath before!! Love love love it”

Have you had hands on, practical cheek augmentation training but not gained everything you wanted from it?

Are you still looking at others work and not 100% sure you can achieve it?

Are you struggling to build up your confidence because you only got the chance to do one model at your practical training?

Maybe you have forgotten what you were taught and are confused about bony landmarks and reference points? 

Or Perhaps you have already taken online training, but want to level up your game.

One thing I do know about you, is that you will ALWAYS succeed, I know this because you are right here, right now, reading this….wanting to better yourself, wanting to know more. And I’m here for it.

I was going to tell you that there is always someone out there doing / learning more than you. But you already know that. That’s why you’re here. 

I love people like you, because you are an action taker, and Action takers will always be the last " man " standing.

They work harder, and then they succeed on purpose. Every time. ⠀⠀

Here at Kiss I am proud to have now trained over 5,000 students... many of whom are just like you, they trained elsewhere first, and came to me afterwards looking for MORE.

I can teach you to become an Industry Leader with my Cheek Augmentation Masterclass.

I can help you turn your anatomical knowledge into artistic skill.

All you need to do is give me less than 15 minutes of your time. 

In the masterclass, you'll learn how to restore the Ogee Curve using both needle and cannula techniques, at both periosteal and sub-q depth, to sculpt and lift the cheeks from both anterior-posterior, posterior-anterior, and inferior-superior.

I'll also show you how to mark and measure the bony landmarks, so asymmetry can be a thing of the past. 

2 Models – Start to finish

4 Elite Techniques 

CPD Certification Provided - 2 Online Theory Hours/Points


One Time payment, Full Access 

5* Reviews 

How to measure, and mark the landmarks on the zygomatic bone

Watch as many times as you like

Ongoing support

Elite Needle and 3 Dimensional Cannula Techniques

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All for just £199.99 £99.99!

Don’t give your competitors the opportunity to overtake you.

Take ownership and responsibility for your life and you will remain in control of your success.

Commit to following up on every opportunity.

Commit to making it happen every day.

Remember, winners don’t succeed by accident, they succeed on purpose.

Yes, I Will Take It!
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PS. This offer has been going a while now, so  I’m going to withdraw it very soon to keep it exclusive. Once it’s gone, its gone. So please don’t message telling me you’ve missed it. You have been warned, so be quick to secure your Russian Lip Masterclass at the discounted rate today!

To get the most out of this amazing deal – I need your FULL commitment, hunger, and 100% effort, 100% of the time.

 I am committed to help you become powerful, to become an industry leader, and to dominate.

To your success,


The timer has expired!

About Antonia,

Back in 2019 I noticed the prolific increase in Aesthetic Practitioners around the world. I noticed that competition increased and more training academies opened. As a result - standards and accessibility to high quality training, and support after the training had dropped.

I realised that practitioners were being trained to inject and very little more, before being thrown into the aesthetics world.

Within Kiss Empire, I have given learners the tools both within and outside of injecting, that took me years to acquire. I have outlined the costly mistakes I have made, so that you can avoid them.

By allowing Kiss Empire to guide you, I am confident that you can build a business built around integrity and a business that will flourish, I am confident that not only will you will reach success faster, you won't ever have to cut corners that will damage your reputation along the way.

I will leave you with my favourite quote, and hope that you continue to learn, and spread your wings.

"There are not shortcuts, to any place worth going"

The stage is yours x

In case you scrolled to the bottom of the page, here's what you're getting...

2 Models – Start to finish
How to measure, and mark the landmarks on the zygomatic bone
Elite Needle and 3 Dimensional Cannula Techniques
4 Elite Techniques
One Time payment, Full Access
Watch as many times as you like
Ongoing support
CPD Certification Provided - 2 Online Theory Points/Hours
5* Reviews 
10 % Off your first order with Kiss Aesthetics Wholesale.

All For Just  £199.99   £99.99!

This is a limited time offer, I am putting the price up very soon, so be quick!

The timer has expired!

Yes, I Will Take It!
ONE TIME OFFER: Only for first 100 Sign up's

About Kiss Empire

Can I access my course instantly? 

Yes absolutely! Your course will be automatically emailed to you within fifteen minutes of purchase so that you can get your teeth into it right away!  Please check your junk mail if it doesn't arrive in your mailbox.

How long do I get access to the course?

When you enroll on any of our courses, it will be added to your portal with lifetime access. Woo!

Who can purchase this course?

 It's really important to note that theory CPD Hours and are not a replacement for the practical component of your training. The courses are intended for use as masterclass’s only for students who are already trained in the aforementioned subject.  It is the responsibility of the student to undertake his/her own due diligence and formal qualification as accompanying elements, prior to purchase to guarantee his/her insurance status after completion of the course.  

What If I need help after purchase? 

We've got your back! As an added bonus to your purchase our team will give you 1-1 advice anytime you need it! Just pop us an email with any questions you may have to and we will get right back to you. Our office hours are GBT 9-6PM.

How do I obtain my certificate?

Pop us an email to with your order number, and the name you would like on the certificate.

What are the benefits of  joining our online community?

As an exclusive member of our online community at Kiss Empire, you will get access to an array of benefits including 1-1 advice from our team whenever you need it, Free Educational Downloads, Discount Codes for training, discount codes for products, and more. Woo!

Small Print. 

NB. This course is aimed at professionals. Although some of the courses provided by AEKISS LTD are CPD accredited, it is important to note that they do not provide any formal qualification. The courses are intended for use as masterclass’s only.  It is the responsibility of the student to undertake his/her own due diligence and formal qualification as accompanying elements, prior to purchase to guarantee his/her insurance status.  Under no circumstances will AEKISS LTD offer a full or partial refund. 

Income disclaimer - This website contains business strategies and advice that may not produce the same results for you as they did the author. Kissempire store makes no guarantee expressed or implied – that by following the advice given that you will make more money or profits. There is several factors that affect the success of any business that are beyond the control of kissempire store Aekissltd and/or the business owner in question. As with any business investment – you must assume that any risk is based on your own discretion and at your own expense.

A lot of time, effort and money has gone into the making of these learning materials. In order to maintain the integrity of these videos they may NOT be shared, reproduced, or sold on. In order to prevent the above, each download has a hidden code encrypted into its ID in order to help us track its original buyer/source. These are strictly the intellectual property of AEKISS LTD only and are copyright AEKISS LTD 2020 ©Failure to comply will result in court proceedings.


More than 6 hours of footage 
200 pages of Marketing and Complications E-Books 
Ongoing support and advice should you need it

At 48% off! 
£1,140  £597!

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