Crap at designing social media posts?  Don't know how? Or perhaps you just don't have the time.

I get it.

That's why I've designed 30 editable templates by hand... just for you.  I know the content is gold because as an injector myself I'd like to think I know exactly what it is that you need.

The templates are totally ready to go... meaning you don't have to change a thing unless you want too. 

They are totally editable - so it's super easy to switch up the colours to suit your brand. 

They are suitable for injectors and academy's...

All you need to do to get started is download them via canva.... 

and voila!

What's inside:

     30 pre-designed canva templates loaded with marketing material for your clinic or academy. Guaranteed to improve your brand presence and save you a whole lot of time... and money.

Vessels of the face


Ageing / Fat Pads

Cross Section of the Lip



Filler Vs Anti Wrinkle

Vasovagal Syncope


Needle Phobias


Arterial Depths

Risk Zones


How much product in a syringe

Needle Vs Cannula

How long will it last?

The 2 week healing process

Ogee Curve

Unsuitable Patients

Ricketts Line

Blood borne pathogens


Terms and Conditions of Booking

Building Product

Russian Lips

Depths of Injection

Types of Injection


Aftercare Advice


Beautifully done and super easy to edit colours to suit my own branding. Not that I wanted too because they looked beautiful as they were.

Saved me hours

I am useless at creating content. This has saved me hours... thank you!

Great Visuals

I've never seen such great anatomical visuals! Some great content for my academy. Thank you so much.

Get all 30 editable social media templates today for just.....

£99.99  £39.99
That’s over 60% OFF.

The timer has expired!

NB. This course is aimed at professionals. The certificates provided are not CPD accredited and do not provide any formal qualification. The courses are intended for use as masterclass’s only.  

Income disclaimer-
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A lot of time, effort and money has gone into the making of these learning materials. In order to maintain the integrity of these videos they may NOT be shared, reproduced, or sold on. In order to prevent the above, each download has a hidden code encrypted into its ID in order to help us track its original buyer/source. These are strictly the intellectual property of AEKISS LTD only and are copyright AEKISS LTD 2020 ©Failure to comply will result in court proceedings.

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