Thank you for your interest in our practical training courses, please click on the image of the course manual below to learn about our  Beginner, Advanced, and Russian Lip accredited courses. Plus, our 1-1 Refresher Days for advanced injectors.

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We also offer bespoke 1-1 refresher days in an area of your choice for £1500. This includes a small element of theory, but mainly hands on practise. 

Recommended 1-1 Refresher Days

- *Advanced Lip Techniques* Tailored upon your request - Can cover any techniques from M shaped Lips, Russian, Signature Techniques, Tenting and more upon request. If you would prefer to focus on 1 technique eg Russian - please just let us know.

- *Advanced Artistry* This is our most popular 1-1 day course that we believe you will benefit most from. During this course we focus on full  face transformations/harmonisation and balancing using the golden ratio. This course includes needle/cannula techniques across the lip, chin, jaw, cheek and tear trough.

Other 1-1 Refresher Day Options ( If you are trained in advanced dermal fillers - we would recommend our advanced artistry course to get the most from your training.) 

- Jawline and Chin

- Cheek

- Tear Trough

- Marrionette Lines, Nasolabial Folds

You must have completed the appropriated training beforehand in order to excel in your techniques on refresher days. Refresher days do not offer any formal qualification and are not included in the above manual. 

Why choose Kiss

Kiss Aesthetics is a highly respected, trusted, and internationally recognised brand. Unlike other academy’s, we’re not here just to deliver you a course, we are here to provide you with a bulletproof strategy proven to protect you, and help you reach success 10x faster.

Our intense training schedule and mentoring will equip you with all of the tools you could possibly need to catapult your triumphs, maintain safe practise, and become an industry leader in record breaking time. 

Our experts are proud to have trained and mentored individuals whose businesses have multiplied 10x and have since gone on to become industry leading names and training providers worldwide. With our support and guidance, we want to teach YOU to become an industry leader too.

Let us help you hit 5 figure months, every month, and turn your anatomical knowledge into artistic skill.         +44(0)2036335626

Can I obtain insurance after taking your courses?

Yes - We only accept students onto our courses who have acknowledged that they meet the pre-requisites required for enrolment. We recommend policy bee for your insurance after completing your course.  

- Are you regulated by a medical body such as the NMC, GMC, GDC, or hold a medical qualification in pharmacy, or physiotherapy?  

( includes paramedics, dental therapists, dental hygienists)

If you have answered NO to this question:

- Do you hold an NVQ level 3 in beauty therapy or equivalent beauty qualification and have more than six months experience in performing injectable treatments?

If you have answered NO to this question:

- Do you have at least 12 months experience in advanced beauty treatments that pierce the skin ( eg. micro-needling ). 

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions - you can obtain insurance. You ask for a quote once you have completed your training by clicking the link below.

Who accredits your courses?

Our beginners, advanced and russian lip masterclass courses are fully accredited on the CPD register. Our CPD provide number is #778513

You can view them here:

Are my teachers qualified to teach?

Yes, all the trainers at Kiss are OFQUAL AET level 3 certified with a minimum of two years experience under their belt. 

Our lead trainers have over 6 years experience in aesthetic injectables. 

How many models will I get?

The number of models depends on the course being taken. For our beginner and advanced courses, the minimum amount of models we would aim to have is 12, between any four delegates. For 1-1 courses, it may vary between 3-8 depending on the course itself, and your personal requirements that you are welcome to request.

We will ensure that you leave the course feeling confident, and with plenty of hands on practise. 

How do I pay, do you offer finance?

We require 20% deposit to secure your booking followed by full payment 4 working weeks prior to your course start date. Unfortunately we are unable to offer finance at the moment.

Do you teach me how to reverse the procedure and emergency complications should anything go wrong?

Yes - all of our courses teach this as standard so that you will be fully insured to use hyaluronidase once you leave. You will also leave with a list or contact for a prescriber. 

Do I need to bring anything such as models or product?

No, you don't need to bring anything. If you have a particular desire to bring your own model/models, please contact us to discuss the requirements.

Product will also be available to purchase on the day if you wish too. 

What courses do you offer?

- Beginners - Lips and Fine Lines of the Lower Face - 16 CPD Points

-Advanced - Cheek, Jaw, Chin, Tear Trough - 16 CPD Points ( must have 6 months experience in basic dermal fillers prior to enrolment).

- Russian Lip Masterclass - 8 CPD Points ( must have 6 months experience in basic dermal fillers prior to enrolment).

- We also offer 1-1 refresher days available upon request. Refresher days do not offer any formal qualification. 

We do not teach anti-wrinkle injections, nor non surgical rhinoplastys.

Where are you based?

Our training facility is located just outside Manchester.

29 Church Street, Littleborough, Rochdale. OL15 8DA

How do I get there?

- You can arrive by unicorn if you wish, but our recommended modes of transport are:

Car - Parking Roadside

Train - Nearest Station -  Littleborough - 1 minute walk to clinic  ( You can catch a train from Manchester Victoria to Littleborough in 22 minutes). 

Plane - Nearest airport  - Manchester City Airport - 51 minute drive to Littleborough. OR via train (1 hour 12 mins ) from Manchester City airport - Salford - Littleborough.

Nearest Hotel 

The Rake Tapas Accommodation - Walking Distance  -

Our training facility is located just outside Manchester.

29 Church Street, Littleborough, Rochdale. OL15 8DA

I am coming on my own - I'm nervous

Most of our students come alone! So don't panic - everyone is in the same position. Our teachers will be sure to look after you, and ensure that everybody feels at home and welcome. 

We look forward to meeting you!

I get hangry, is there anywhere local to buy food?

Don't panic - we provide refreshments on most of our group courses , and there is lots of cafes nearby!

What are the terms and conditions of my booking?

The boring bit!

1. About these terms and conditions

1.1 In these terms and conditions “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to AEKISS LTD TRAINING  trading under Kiss Aesthetics and “you” and “your” refers to the delegate purchasing a AEKISS LTD training course. 

2. Booking your training course

 2.1 Kiss Aesthetics reserves the right to decline admission to any of its training courses. 

2.2 Kiss Aesthetics reserves the right to cancel or change planned training courses in terms of dates, locations, and course content. You will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any planning changes and an alternative date will be offered. 

2.3 Irrespective of circumstances, Kiss Aesthetics accepts no liability for any loss of earnings or expenses incurred by you or any models.  

3. Paying for your training course

 3.1 You may pay for your training course electronic invoice.

 3.2 You may pay for your training course in one of two following ways:

 3.2.1 Payment in full – you are required to pay the full price of your course prior to attending your training course. An order confirmation confirming your place will be sent within 72 hours of payment being received in full. Please send proof of payment.

 3.2.2 Payment scheme – you are required to pay the deposit of 20% of your course in order to secure your place on a course date. An order confirmation confirming your place will be sent within 24 hours of us receiving your deposit payment. We will then contact you to arrange your future payment dates for when additional payments can be taken by card payment over the phone (note we will allow a maximum of 2 payments for the balance). 3.3 Your course balance must be paid in full no later than 4 weeks prior to the course start date. It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure that the balance is paid in full at least 4 weeks before the course date.  Failure to do so may result in your course place being cancelled, re-listed for sale and any payment already made may be forfeited in line with our cancellation procedure.  

4. Cancelling your training course booking 

We understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to change your arrangements. Please see below our Terms & Conditions for how we handle cancellations and amendments, these rules also apply to sickness. 

 4.1 Should you wish to cancel your booking; the following terms and conditions apply: 4.1.1 All cancellations must be made in writing to and will incur a 30% admin charge. 

4.1.2 Cancellations more than 6 weeks before your course date– please contact us to obtain a refund. 

4.1.3 Cancellations between 4 and 6 weeks before your course date– there is a 40% charge plus the admin charge, please contact us to obtain a partial refund. 

4.1.4 Cancelling 3 weeks (21 calendar days) before your course date – 100% of the course fees must be paid. 

4.1.5 Any remaining balance on a delegates account must be allocated within 12 months or will be void. 

 4.1.6 Delegates may choose to independently arrange insurance to provide indemnity against possible cancellation. Kiss aesthetics do not provide any cancellation insurance, but are aware of Cancel sure Insurance, a company which specialises in insurance for training course cancellations (please be aware this does not constitute a recommendation and Kiss Aesthetics cannot accept any liability for any insurance policy you choose to buy).  

4.1.7 Kiss Aesthetics does not issue refunds for Acts of God. ● An Act of God is defined as an event outside of human control such as sudden floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible. ● This also includes weather-related issues such as snow, ice, floods etc. ● If Kiss Aesthetics chooses to cancel a course due to an Act of God then it is not liable for any loss resulting to the customer as a result of this cancelled course. ● Kiss Aesthetics will make all reasonable effort to replace a cancelled course by arranging an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed. Where the majority of customers for that course have been affected, this will be made free of additional charge. 

5. Amending your training course booking

 5.1 Should you wish to amend your booking by changing your course date, the following terms and conditions apply: 

 5.1.1 All requests to change course date must be made in writing to and will incur a 20% admin charge.  

5.1.2 Kiss Aesthetics cannot guarantee you a place on your chosen alternative course date. If a place cannot be provided on your preferred date, you will be offered a refund in line with the terms and conditions in Section 4 of this document.

 5.1.3 Changing course date rearrangement fees:  ● Changing date between 1-3 working weeks (7-21 calendar days) before your original training course date – there is a 30% charge for changing date plus the administration charge of £50. ● Changing date within 1 week (7 calendar days) of course date – there is 50% charge plus £50 admin fee. ● Changing date within 48 hours – 100% fee plus £50 admin fee ● In the event of a death in your immediate family, please contact us within 7 days of the circumstances to notify us and we will re-book your course place upon the supply of a death certificate (subject to a £50 administration fee). Unfortunately no other exceptions can be made. We apply these fees because the closer it gets to the course date, the harder it is to fill delegate spaces.  If you need to change your course, please contact us to book onto a different date and to pay the residual charge required if necessary. 

 6. Contacting Kiss Aesthetics

6.1 You can contact Kiss Aesthetics in any one of the following ways:

6.1.1 By telephone on 020 3633 5626. 

6.1.2  By email at 

7. Data Protection 

7.1 In booking a training course with Kiss Aesthetics, you agree to us using any data you submit in order to process your order and for future marketing purposes by Kiss Aesthetics. 

7.2 Your details will not be transferred to any third party without your written consent.

8. Complaints 

8.1 Kiss Aesthetics takes pride in the quality of its service and as such will try to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible. 

 8.2 Complaints about any aspect of Kiss Aesthetics should be made in writing by emailing

 8.3 Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged by return email or letter within one week of receipt. 


Under no circumstances will AEKISS LTD or trainer/trainers be responsible for any loss or damages including loss of profits, loss of business or any indirect or consequential loss arising as a result of any reliance or purported reliance on the techniques shown/information given after the course. Any liability for death or personal injury is excluded to the maximum extent allowable by law.

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