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Convinced you have caused a vascular compromise?

You are overwhelmed with fear and just can’t think for yourself in the moment. 

The worry is crippling.

A Vascular Compromise

You are scared to tell your patient, or you don’t know how.

 You video yourself doing a capillary refill check, and hastily send it to a colleague, praying they will reply immediately. 

In the meantime, you are buying time, in the hope that your patient doesn’t sense anything is wrong. Your brain totally freezes and you panic. You feel sick.

Is it a bruise? Or have you caused your first vascular compromise!?

We have all been there and the worry is crippling. 

When complications occur, we are often given re-assurance by our co-workers.

‘it was out of your control’, ‘it isn’t your fault’.

But the reality is, most things ARE in our control; so regardless of what or who you choose to blame, it doesn’t change the sad truth that when a complication does occur, the blame will be pointed at you.  Your patient will lose confidence in you and often, you will go on to lose confidence in yourself and become worried to treat. 

One way of you regaining your patients trust is by successfully recognising the emergency before it’s too late.

By being able to recognise the emergency and treat it immediately,  you not only save the patient from a disaster; but enable yourself the power to re-gain the trust of your patient. You can quite literally go from being a total villain having ‘ruined someone’s life’ to being their ‘hero’ in an instant.

You get my point. If you are injecting. It is your duty, and your obligation to understand how to treat and spot the signs of a vascular compromise before it’s too late. 

With this step by step video, I can help you remove the fear associated with identifying and treating a vascular occlusion.  I will also teach you how to warn your patients of the risks without scaring them…. AND I’ll show you a simple technique to help you approach the dreaded conversation with ease, should you suspect a Vascular compromise on your patient.

‘I work alone and I don’t know any others in my area that carry out dermal filler. It’s comforting to have these materials to refer back to when I feel that I am out of my depth’

‘The judgement across forums has got to a point where I no longer feel comfortable reaching out for help. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to have found you, and to know that I have this video saved to my iPad if I ever need it. Thank you for always supporting me – you are a diamond’

‘ Totally recommend all of the complication management training. I keep it all on my phone so I know I always have access to it. So useful, thank you Kiss’

What you will learn;

Risk factors
How to tell a patient with ease that you suspect you have caused a compromise
Timeline of symptoms
Management – Emergency Dissolving
Patch Testing with Control

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200 pages of Marketing and Complications E-Books 
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Please note: Hyaluronidase is a prescription drug and should be used by medical professionals only.

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